Thousands of cameras are installed to protect and monitor roads, squares and buildings for the purpose of forensic search face recognition system, control of communities and prevention of forensic incidents.

Monitoring or recording from video cameras alone is not enough to find incidents or wanted persons. Using faster analysis and detection systems enables security forces to do their job faster and to catch criminals.

Any picture of the wanted persons to the system is sufficient. In this way, if the person called from any camera connected to the system passes through, the operator is warned with an instant warning.

It does not matter how the picture added to the system is obtained (ID, passport, passport). The added image is analyzed and converted into vector data.

If the person or persons called pass from any camera connected to the Videokernel 3D Face Recognition System, the system detects and warns the operator.

Face information is obtained from the images taken from IP cameras using image processing technology. The received face information is converted into 2 KB vector data and queried with 2 KB data in the database. If a match is found, the necessary scenarios take place.

Face images added to the system are always stored as 2 KB data. On a standard computer, querying can be made from 1 million data in the database and the result is produced in 1 second. The system supports Client-Server architecture.

  • City Security
  • Public buildings
  • Police Checkpoints
  • Refugee Concentration Areas
  • Meeting and Concert Areas
  • stadiums
  • Border Gates
  • Airports
  • Train Stations
  • Metro Stations
  • Bus Terminals
  • Ferry Piers
  • Public Transport Vehicles

System features

Usage areas

Software Interface

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Fast Pass Turnstile – 1

Fast Pass Turnstile – 2

Face Analysis – 1

Videokernel Face Recognition Forensic Search product provides a significant advantage to the authorities by using the power of facial recognition technology in forensic investigations. This innovative facial recognition system solution plays an important role in crime investigation and detection of criminals.

Videokernel Forensic Search Face Recognition System

Forensic search is the process of identifying suspects or unrecognized persons in video recordings or other visual materials obtained at the crime scene. In this process, the identities of the people in the video recordings of the crime scene are determined quickly and effectively using facial recognition technology.

The Videokernel Face Recognition Forensic Search product offers a number of advantages in the forensic search process.

Fast and Precise Forensic Search Face Recognition System Technology

Videokernel’s advanced facial recognition algorithm quickly detects people in crime scene video recordings and identifies them with high accuracy. This speeds up the investigation process and ensures effective results.

Very Fast Operation Even With Huge Data Sets

Videokernel offers the ability to work with large databases. This makes it possible to match people in crime scene videos by comparing them to a pre-created database. Thus, criminals or suspects are associated with previously recorded data and easily captured and identified.