NVD-3306 Barrier Opening Device with Mobile Phone (2K) can be controlled without the need for a remote control or a card reader to open the barrier entrances in the building, site and parking areas. 

Only registered persons can open the barrier or gates.

Numbers can be added or removed easily. If desired, 2 doors can be controlled simultaneously. 

It is quite simple to use. Log records of 50 people who opened the last door can be taken. 1280 numbers can be registered.

Numbers can be uploaded to the device via bluetooth with the application. Thanks to the password control, unauthorized persons are prevented from taking action.

The device has 2 modes Mod0 and Mod1. If it is Mode0, if the caller number is registered, it automatically puts it as busy and pulls the relay. If Mode1, if the caller number is registered, the device responds.

Relay statuses to the device are optional. It can be defined as opening and closing to the 2nd relay while only sending an open command to the 1st relay. Solutions can be produced for different, special projects, and different integrations can be made.


  • 2 Relays ( 2 Door Control )
  • ARM processor
  • 1280 number registration
  • Management via Bluetooth
  • Many parameters such as trigger time, password can be adjusted via SMS.
  • Contacts can be added or removed easily via SMS.
  • 12V-24 DC voltage operating range
  • 1 is input
  • Optional RS232 input
  • 100% Domestic Production

Usage areas

  • Building doors and barriers
  • sites gates
  • On-off control of remote doors
  • hotels doors