It is used to provide security and member tracking in places such as gyms, beauty centers, spa centers. In order to prevent both security and loss of money, unauthorized person/persons are prevented from entering the area.

Videokernel 3D Face Recognition Member Tracking System analyzes the face images of incoming people via IP cameras placed in the turnstile area.

Working Type:

The system consists of IP Camera, I/O Card (Trigger Card), suitably configured computer and Videkernel 3D Face Recognition Software.

Face information is obtained from the images taken from IP cameras using image processing technology. The received face information is converted into 2 KB vector data and queried with 2 KB data in the database. If a match is found, the turnstile is opened by sending a trigger.

Optionally, it can be operated synchronized with RFID Card Readers. When the card is read, the Vector Face Data associated with the Card ID is compared with the Vector Face Data received from the IP Camera. In case of a match, a pass is granted.

People can be added to the Black List. In this case, it is ensured that unwanted persons are prevented and a warning is given to the operator.

Face images added to the system are always stored as 2 KB data. On a standard computer, querying can be made from 1 million data in the database and the result is produced in 1 second. The system supports Client-Server architecture.

The analyzed face images are converted to vector data, thus preventing them from being used in other programs or areas.

The created vector face data is compared with the vector data of the people in the database. If there is a match as a result of the comparison process, the pass is granted and the pass is recorded. This process takes about 1 second.

Videokernel 3D Face Recognition Member Tracking System can work integrated with RFID card readers. In this way, card + face verification can be provided.

When the person reads their card, the system also matches the vector face data registered to the card. Double validation can be provided.

It provides an easier and more comfortable pass from fingerprint, palm or retina scans. It is easier to obtain facial images and consent from members than with other verification systems.

For example; Members do not want to give their fingerprint and palm information because of the concern that the fingerprint or palm information will be used elsewhere.

However, since the face information cannot be used in any other environment and the received face information will only be numerical information, it will be possible for the members to wish to switch with the face recognition system.

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