With its smart card access systems, user-friendly interfaces and reliable working principles, it offers a solution suitable for contemporary security requirements. It helps businesses, institutions or organizations increase their security levels by providing effective access control and security management.

These systems can be integrated with additional authentication methods such as a PIN code, fingerprint or facial recognition for users to access certain areas. This ensures higher levels of security and prevents unauthorized access attempts.

Smart card access systems also offer flexibility and scalability. It can be expanded according to needs and configured to cover multiple buildings, floors or areas. This makes it an ideal solution for growing businesses or institutions.

The software-based management interface allows users to easily manage the system. Settings such as authorization data, user profiles and access permissions can be managed from a central point.

In addition, valuable information about security events and mobility trends can be obtained by collecting and analyzing transit logs.

Smart card access systems provide greater control and flexibility compared to traditional key-based systems. For example, you can quickly and easily disable a lost or stolen card, instantly change pass permissions and define temporary accesses.

As a result, smart card access systems are an important part of security solutions and offer a powerful and effective tool to increase the physical security of businesses, institutions or organizations.

With their user-friendly interfaces, flexible configuration options and integrated authentication methods, smart card access systems provide reliable and efficient access control.

In this way, it protects the safety of employees and assets by preventing unauthorized access attempts.

Online Smart Card Access System

  • VideoKernel license plate recognition software is an integrated technology. In this way, the license plate recognition system and barrier control can be performed simultaneously.
  • This technology can be used to control the access of any number of doors with the card system. Door and time authorization can be made.
  • All transactions such as card registrations and reporting can be done with any device on a web-based basis, which makes the transactions of the users easier.
  • With the camera integration, the images of the people who log in can be recorded when the card is swiped.
  • Special identifiable messages in the system can be changed easily. All information such as transit information, device ID, transit time, transit point can be reported.
  • With the web script language, special working scenarios can be defined and special solutions can be produced for different projects. In this way, this technology can be used and customized in many different areas.

Offline Smart Card Access System

  • Mifare card-based access control systems provide entry-exit control with the use of cards containing permission definitions. It can be controlled via card readers without the need for cabling and communication.
  • It can be determined through which points it can pass and pass through valid card readers until the expiration date.
  • The system provides access control for an unlimited number of people in a wide area without requiring infrastructure work.
  • With USB card encoder and card software, it can be determined from which points and for how long the card holder can pass. With the grouping system, people’s access permits can be obtained through groups.

Standalone Smart Card Access System

  • Managed card entry system can be used in buildings, offices and sites that require access control. Adding and removing cards is easy and unwanted cards can be deleted from the device. Card numbers are special 5 digits and all settings can be edited from the password protected menu.
  • With the optional Bluetooth feature, the entire card list can be easily edited via the mobile application and the card list can be transferred to the new device even when the device is changed.

Smart Card Prepaid Access System

  • It is a special solution used for areas where access control is required. By defining the number and duration of access to Mifare cards, it provides prepaid access without the need for any communication or cabling with card readers.
  • When the turnstile is integrated, it can be set to be valid until a defined number of right of way and expiry date. No wiring is required for this operation.
  • When each card is read, 1 credit is reduced and can be switched for the specified time. Thanks to the USB card encoder and the software working together with the cards, credits can be loaded onto the cards and information such as work reports and Z reports can be provided.