Vehicle Scale Plate Recognition System is designed to detect the vehicle entering the scale in vehicle scales. It records the license plate of the vehicle entering the scale, the camera ID, the date and time of the transition, and the picture of the vehicle at the time of passing.

Weight information on the scale can be obtained, vehicle plate, date-time, vehicle weight information can be transferred to the scale program.

The scale can be fully automated and integrated with different applications.

By using multiple cameras, top and side views of the vehicle can also be recorded. The front and back plate of the trucks can be read together.

The weighed vehicles can be reported according to criteria such as date-time, transit point. 

“SDK” can be provided for different software integrations and the transition information can be followed instantly in the software to be integrated. 

  • 98.2% Day – 99.2% Night plate reading ability
  • Ability to read license plates from side angles
  • Displaying desired information to vehicles with Led Panel integration 
  • Traffic light integration
  • Web-based instant monitoring option
  • Web-based reporting
  • Ability to follow with desktop application 
  • Low PC performance usage
  • Easy installation and use
  • 100% Turkish interface
  • 100% Native software
  • Ability to work with all kinds of RTSP cameras
  • Integration with different applications with SDK support
  • Integration with Loop
  • Different language support
  • Easy creation of different scenarios with web script infrastructure
  • Registration of vehicles without license plates with a picture 
  • SDK (Software Development Kit) support
  • Sensor integration
  • UHF antenna integration
  • Card reader integration
  • Receiving weight information via RS232 or TCP/IP
  • Front and back plate readability
  • All vehicle scales

Vehicle Scale Plate Recognition System: Sensitive and Automatic Access Control

The efficient operation of vehicle scales and the recording of accurate data are vital to the effective management of business operations and the transport of goods. At this point, Vehicle Scale Plate Recognition System comes into play. Designed to detect and record vehicles entering the scale, this system automatically recognizes license plates and carries scale operations to full automation.

The system records the license plate information, camera ID, date and time of each vehicle entering the scale. It also provides documentation by taking a picture of the vehicle at the time of transition. In this way, the weight information of the vehicles is associated with their license plates and stored in the database. This data can be transferred to the scale program and allows important parameters such as weight information to be recorded.

Vehicle Scale Plate Recognition System provides full automation and minimizes human intervention. Thanks to the automatic license plate recognition and data recording processes, a fast and error-free access control is performed. The system can be easily integrated with different applications and allows weighing operations to be synchronized with other software.

By using multiple cameras, top and side views of the vehicle can be recorded. This feature allows the front and back plates of trucks to be read together. Thus, the license plate information of the vehicles is recorded completely and precisely. In addition, vehicle weighings can be reported according to criteria such as waypoint, date-time.

Neuron Vehicle Scale Plate Recognition System not only records passage information, but can also be used for security and inspection purposes. License plate recognition technology can quickly detect searched vehicles and send notifications to security units. This provides an important tool to detect and take action against potential security threats.

As a result, Vehicle Scale Plate Recognition System is an important technology that provides efficient and accurate access control on vehicle scales. It simplifies business processes and minimizes human error with features such as automatic license plate recognition, data recording and weight information transfer.

Thanks to its integration capabilities, it can work in harmony with other software and provides the opportunity to monitor transition information instantly. When used for security and control purposes, it increases security by providing an additional layer to weighbridge businesses. Vehicle Scale Plate Recognition System is an indispensable tool for an efficient and safe transportation system.