• Classical methods at Turnstile and Gate crossing points lead to security vulnerability. Card, fingerprint or embedded face recognition systems do not meet the demands in terms of both security and comfort.
  • Videokernel 3D Face Recognition System, an affordable IP camera and an I/O card would be sufficient hardware to trigger the turnstile.
  • One picture of people is sufficient. This ensures easy registration.

Usage areas

  • Business Entries
  • Residences
  • sites
  • Business centers
  • Public buildings
  • Hotels
  • Military Fields
  • Police Stations

Registered people who want to pass through the turnstile or door can pass safely without having to show their faces anywhere.

In classical methods, it is possible that the card is lost or used by someone else.

Fingerprint and embedded face recognition devices must be processed at the beginning of the device in order for all persons to be registered to the device.

In classical systems, the passage of unwanted or unregistered persons cannot be detected.

Blacklist can be created in Videokernel 3D Face Recognition System.

In this way, the entrance of unwanted persons is prevented and the operator is instantly warned.

It is common not only for entrance doors and turnstiles, but also for corridor security purposes.

In this way, in case of unwanted persons entering the corridor; Videoekrnel 3D Face Recognition System warns the operator and ensures that the necessary security scenarios are run.

System features

Usage areas

Software Interface

Open area

Fast Pass Turnstile – 1

Fast Pass Turnstile – 2

Face Analysis – 1