You can manage uses such as common water and electricity. With the card to be given to the members, for example, you can use it in solutions where the member needs to load money so that the water can be used for as long as he wants and when the time expires, he can use it again.

It has easy-to-manage software, money can be loaded for each cardholder via writing.

How much each card reader is charged for 1 hour can be adjusted and the user can set how many hours he wants to use via the touch screen. With the software that works with the cards with the USB card encoder, the card can be loaded.

  • Working with Mifare Card
  • Touchscreen 3.5inch TFT Screen
  • 1 Piece NC-NO-COM Relay (10A)
  • Menu Management with Password
  • Optional RS232
  • ARM processor
  • Settings such as trigger time, password, date-time can be changed from the menu.
  • Audible alert with buzzer
  • 12V-24 DC voltage operating range
  • There are 2 inputs
  • 100% Domestic Production
  • Common Watering Sites
  • Where Usage Management is Required
  • Special projects