By defining the number of access permits into Mifare cards, prepaid, time-defined management can be performed without the need for any communication or cabling with card readers.

When turnstile integration is made, a defined number of passes until the defined expiration date can be defined. No wiring is required for this operation.

When each card is read, 1 credit is reduced and the device triggers for a defined time. With the software working together with the USB card encoder, the credit amount for the card is loaded, Z report and work report can be provided for the person using the application.

  • Working with Mifare Card
  • 1 Piece NC-NO-COM Relay (10A)
  • Menu Management with Password
  • Optional RS232
  • ARM processor
  • Settings such as trigger time, password, date-time can be changed from the menu.
  • Audible alert with buzzer
  • 12V-24 DC voltage operating range
  • There are 2 inputs
  • There will be 2×16 screens, login confirmations, notifications can be shown on the screen
  • Settings can be changed with 3 buttons
  • 100% Domestic Production
  • Dining hall
  • washing machine
  • Special projects