The highway license plate recognition system allows to record unregistered vehicles passing from any point and to record the passing movements of the vehicles with plate, date, time, license plate, vehicle picture and waypoint information.

When a vehicle defined in the blacklist or whitelist passes; It can give audible and visual warning. Passing vehicles can be reported according to criteria such as date-time, transit point.

Hourly, weekly or monthly transition intensity can be listed graphically. “SDK” can be provided for different software integrations and the transition information can be followed instantly in the software to be integrated.

The operator can follow the passing vehicle list on the screen with vehicle pictures.

  • 98.2% Day – 99.2% Night plate reading ability
  • Ability to read license plates from side angles
  • Alarm in case the same vehicle passes more than once between two times
  • black list
  • whitelist
  • Alarm with instant sms with SMS Server connection
  • Sending mail
  • Instant blacklist notification with Led Panel integration
  • Audible alarm and visual alarm in case of passing by prohibited vehicles or whitelisted vehicles
  • ETS (Peak Recognition System) camera integration
  • Web-based instant monitoring option
  • Web-based reporting
  • Ability to follow with desktop application 
  • Low PC performance usage
  • Easy installation and use
  • 100% Turkish interface
  • 100% Native software
  • Ability to work with all kinds of RTSP cameras
  • Integration with different applications with SDK support
  • Integration with Loop
  • Different language support
  • Easy creation of different scenarios with web script infrastructure

Usage areas:

  • highways
  • malls
  • Business entry and exit points
  • All areas with controlled or uncontrolled vehicle passage
  • Possibility of application for different projects with SDK integration.

Highway license plate recognition system is one of today’s advanced technologies. This system, which is used for access control, offers many advantages such as increasing site security, providing a fast and effective transition, and tracking registered vehicles. Neuron Highway License Plate Recognition System is a reliable and efficient solution equipped with the latest artificial intelligence algorithms and image processing techniques.

Highways are important transportation networks through which millions of vehicles pass daily. Managing this heavy traffic and ensuring safety is a major challenge for highway operators and authorities. At this point, the license plate recognition system ( PTS ) used on highways plays an important role. Neuron Access Control PTS is a very powerful license plate recognition software specially designed for highways and highways. This software can be used to ensure fast and safe operation of highways.

Highways are areas where vehicles travel at high speed and where there is heavy traffic flow. Therefore, traditional access control methods may be insufficient and lead to long waiting times. PTS improves traffic flow by controlling the entry and exit of vehicles quickly and effectively.

The highway access control version license plate recognition system automatically recognizes the license plates of the vehicles and matches them with the database. In this way, vehicle drivers can quickly enter or exit the highway without having to wait for long periods of time.

PTS plays an important role in analyzing and managing traffic data on highways. The system records the license plate information of each vehicle and analyzes this data to determine the traffic density, average speeds and travel times.

This data can be used to plan the highway more efficiently and optimize traffic flow. In addition, control centers with integrated PTS can monitor the traffic situation and intervene when necessary.

Highways are also of great importance in terms of safety. The license plate recognition system is equipped with AI-supported detectors used for security purposes in the highway version. These detectors quickly detect license plates and searched vehicles that do not match registered vehicles. In this way, theft, illegal passage or other security breaches are speeded up.