It is designed to eliminate the cost of tickets in Paid Parking lots. Thanks to the Mifare card issuing mechanism, all input information is written into the card.

The driver of the car that enters takes his card by pressing the enter button. During checkout, the card is given to the operator and the operator reads it to the desktop USB mifare card reader.

The system calculates according to the determined fee schedule. With subscriber card reader integration, subscribers switch without waiting. The UHF antenna works fully integrated with the License Plate Recognition System.

With the Loop Detector integration, if there is no vehicle, it will not issue a ticket.
Card issuance speed <2 sec.
185 card holders. It can be increased to 250 with an additional rail.
Audible and contact warning in case of card shortage. ( Card low: Low buzzer, Card almost out: High buzzer)
Online work.
It is not affected by external weather conditions, it is waterproof.
Op. Subscriber card reader.
Easy assembly and installation.
Op. Information with 3.5” color screen, 2×16 Led screen.
Illuminated waterproof ticket button.

Monitoring of vehicles entering and exiting
Manual vehicle addition
Vehicle correction
Prepaid exit
Payment at exit
Search by license plate
Manual barrier opening
Shift system
Parking limit
Prevention of manual parking entrance to all vehicles Manual parking
entrance blocking except subscriber vehicles Manual parking
lot entry blocking except VIP vehicles