What is Face Recognition System?

The face recognition system is a technology used to detect and verify a person’s face. This system analyzes the unique features and patterns on the face and uses this information to verify the identity of the person.

face recognition system

Face Detection: The face detection algorithm detects the face in the image and determines the borders of the face.

Feature / Detail Extraction: Important points on the face (eyes, nose, mouth, etc.) are identified and these features are extracted and saved as a data set.

How Does the Face Recognition System Work?

A facial recognition system usually works through a process that includes these steps:

Image Capture (Video Capture): Face images of people are taken with IP Cameras and converted into vectorial data by Videokernel face recognition software.

Image Matching: The features of the face are compared with previously recorded samples (data set) in a database and the degree of similarity is calculated.

Decision Making: When the degree of similarity obtained exceeds a certain threshold value, the identity of the person is verified and the identity of the person is determined.

Face Recognition System Usage Areas

Face recognition systems are used to provide security in airports, banks, public institutions and some other important places that require security. In addition, the system can be programmed to prevent the entry of identities other than the predefined identities.

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  • Face Recognition System Member Tracking Solution
  • Face Recognition System Access Control Solution

Use of Face Recognition System for the Purpose of Attendance Tracking in Educational Institutions

Educational institutions can use facial recognition systems to monitor students’ absenteeism and to determine the rate of participation in classes.

Our Videokernel face recognition software can be easily configured according to such special projects and demands.

Face Recognition Software in Marketing and Outdoor Advertising

Facial recognition systems can be used to deliver targeted ads by analyzing customers’ demographic data.

For example, data such as the gender and average age of people passing by a street can be analyzed with face recognition software and advertisements suitable for the target audience can be displayed.

Advantages of Face Recognition System

  • Facial recognition can be more reliable than other authentication methods.
  • Facial recognition systems offer a fast and easy-to-use verification method for users.
  • Face recognition can quickly recognize people from a large database.

3D Face Recognition System Forensic Search Solution

  • It is used to prevent legal events.
  • It makes the job of security forces easier.
  • Any picture of the person being sought is sufficient.
  • Monitoring or recording from video cameras alone is not enough to find events or wanted people.
  • If the person called from any camera connected to the system passes through, the operator is warned with an instant warning.
  • Face information is obtained from the images taken from IP cameras using image processing technology. 

3D Face Recognition System Member Tracking Solution

  • It is used to provide security and member tracking in places such as gyms, beauty centers, spa centers.
  • In order to prevent both security and loss of money, unauthorized person/persons are prevented from entering the area.
  • Videokernel 3D Face Recognition Member Tracking System analyzes the face images of incoming people via IP cameras placed in the turnstile area.
  • Face information is obtained from the images taken from IP cameras using image processing technology. The received face information is converted into 2 KB vector data and queried with 2 KB data in the database.

3D Face Recognition System Access Control Solution

  • Classical methods at Turnstile and Gate crossing points lead to security vulnerability. Card, fingerprint or embedded face recognition systems do not meet the demands in terms of both security and comfort.
  • Videokernel 3D Face Recognition System, an affordable IP camera and an I/O card would be sufficient hardware to trigger the turnstile.
  • One picture of people is enough for the system to work. This ensures easy registration.

3D Face Recognition System Campus Solution

  • Preventing unwanted people from entering the campus at school campus entrances gains importance in preventing events that may occur.
  • It can be ensured that political events, drug dealers, expelled students, and people who have caused an incident can be prevented from passing.
  • Unwanted persons are detected with the 3D face recognition system, and the relevant operator is informed and their entrance to the campus is prevented.
  • Thus, campus security is ensured by preventing irreparable events.

3D Face Recognition System Bank / Finance Solution

  • The use of credit with the use of fake IDs in banks has become widespread, making it difficult for branch personnel to identify these people.
  • Integration with security cameras in banks can help identify people trying to apply for a loan with the use of fake IDs, and in this way, the use of credit with fake IDs can be prevented.
  • Detection of known criminals such as bank robbers by integrating them with security cameras can help prevent bank robberies and possible loss of life and property.

3D Face Recognition System Casino Solution

  • The Videokernel 3D Facial Recognition System is an effective solution for detecting cheaters and customers who are trying to cheat in casinos.
  • Thanks to this system, the faces of the customers entering the casinos are scanned, making it easier to identify the people trying to cheat, and in this way, the losses caused by the fraud events of the businesses are prevented.
  • In addition, it is important for customer satisfaction and continuity to identify the faces of VIP customers, to welcome them specially during their entrance to the casino and to show the necessary attention.

3D Face Recognition System Shopping Mall / Retail Solution

  • Videokernel 3D Face Recognition System is an important technology used in security and customer analysis in shopping malls
  • This system is used to detect people who are not wanted to enter the shopping mall, thus ensuring security.
  • In addition, the system also enables to create visitor profiles by scanning the faces of the visitors in the mall.
  • In this way, mall businesses can provide better customer service and increase customer loyalty by understanding customers’ preferences and habits.
  • In addition, thanks to this technology, shopping malls can better understand the demands and needs of customers and create more accurate stocking and supply processes.