With the Offline Smart Card Access System , the permission definitions can be recorded in the cards, and entry-exit control can be provided without the need for any communication or cabling with the card readers. 

It can be determined from which points the card holder can pass, and it can be ensured that he can pass through defined card readers until the expiry date.

The most important advantage of this system is that an access control system can be designed for an unlimited number of people in a wide area without any infrastructure work and no cabling.

With the software working together with the USB card encoder and the cards, it can be defined from which points and until what time the card holder can pass. By defining grouping, people’s access permissions can be provided through groups.

  • Working with Mifare Card
  • Optional Bluetooth
  • 1 Piece NC-NO-COM Relay (10A)
  • Menu Management with Password
  • Optional RS232
  • ARM processor
  • Settings such as trigger time, password, date-time can be changed from the menu.
  • Audible alert with buzzer
  • 12V-24 DC voltage operating range
  • 1 is input
  • There will be 2×16 screens, login confirmations, notifications can be shown on the screen
  • Settings can be changed with 3 buttons
  • Identifying a card to the card list
  • Logging transition movements
  • 100% Domestic Production
  • Buildings
  • sites
  • Hospital
  • Hotels
  • Hostels, Daily rental houses
  • Integration for different solutions that require turnstile management