Bank face recognition system , the use of credit with fake identity has become widespread in banks. Although the banks send the pictures of these people to the branch personnel, the branch personnel have difficulty in identifying these persons.

The integration to be made with the security cameras already in the banks can be detected by logging into the bank and the use of credit with fake identity is prevented.

Known Bank thieves can be added to the system. Bank robberies can be prevented and possible loss of life and property can be prevented.

With the integration with the cameras in the bank ATMs, card usage can be made only by the cardholder, if desired. Click here for all our facial recognition system products.

Usage areas:

  • Banks
  • ATMs
  • Financial Centers
  • Bill Payment Points

System features

Usage areas

Software Interface

Open area

Fast Pass Turnstile – 1

Fast Pass Turnstile – 2

Face Analysis – 1