EM-0102 Programmable Controller can be used in all kinds of automation projects, and project-specific solutions can be produced. 

If customers want to make their own projects, sample code and schematic information can be provided. There are enough inputs and outputs for many different projects.

It can be used as a company-specific PLC. The front label can be arranged according to customer demands and products with customer brand can be provided.

Custom screen can be developed with TFT touch screen.

  • ARM processor
  • 0-10V input
  • 0-10V output
  • 4-20mA input
  • 4-20mA output
  • Encoder input
  • 5 Relays (NO-COM)
  • 1 x RJ45 Ethernet (optional)
  • TFT Touch screen (optional)
  • 3 PWM outputs
  • 1 DC motor controller
  • K type thermocouple input
  • 7 digital inputs
  • 7 pcs 1A 24 V Transistor Output
  • Display 2X8 LCD (optional)
  • Button 3 Pieces (optional)
  • RS485 (optional)
  • 12-14V input
  • 100% Domestic Production
  • Entry-exit control systems
  • machine control
  • Network-based control projects
  • Special PLC projects