The license plate recognition system can detect illegal crossings and identify violating vehicles in certain areas, such as bridges, highway crossings or private roads.

What is License Plate Recognition System (PTS)?

License plate recognition systems require technologies such as computer vision (CV), image processing, optical character recognition (OCR), artificial intelligence to work in harmony.

With the help of special purpose cameras, the image of the license plate is captured and these images are processed by the Videokernel license plate recognition software we have developed.

License plate recognition systems can also be used to provide limited access to certain areas of sites. For example, special parking areas can be created where only certain license plates are allowed. In this way, only authorized vehicles can enter certain areas, while unauthorized vehicles are blocked by the PTS system.

PTS is used in many different areas such as traffic safety, parking lot management, security camera systems.

PTS can detect illegal crossings and identify violating vehicles in certain areas, such as bridges, highway crossing points or private roads.

What is License Plate Recognition Software (Plate Recognition System) Used for?

License plate recognition software is a technology that can automatically detect and recognize license plates. This software is generally used for many different purposes such as security, traffic control, parking management, traffic analysis, leak detection and vehicle tracking.

License plate recognition software detects license plates from cameras or video sources using image processing, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence techniques.

It recognizes the letters and numbers on the plate and converts it into text-based data. This data can then be presented to the user, searched in the database or transferred to another system.

License plate recognition software recognizes license plates by analyzing images from security cameras. It can detect wanted vehicles or crime suspects, especially by using it in parking lots, airports, borders and security checkpoints.

License plate recognition software can be used to monitor and manage traffic flow. For example, it can analyze traffic density, monitor speed limits or detect traffic violations.

License plate recognition systems can automatically record vehicle entries and exits in parking lots and collect parking fees. It can also control the use of reserved parking spaces.

License plate recognition software can collect traffic data such as traffic flow, vehicle counts, and mobility analysis. This data can be used in areas such as traffic planning, city management and transport optimisation.

License Plate Recognition System (PTS) Site Version

  • Best License Plate Recognition System with 98% Success Rate
  • Relay output in case of personal vehicle limit and limit full
  • Relay output in case of parking limit and limit full
  • Unregistered vehicle logging
  • Audible alarm / relay output at unregistered vehicle passage
  • Audible alarm / relay output at prohibited vehicle passage
  • Unlimited user and vehicle recognition
  • Web-based reporting

License plate recognition system can be used to increase the security of the site. License plates are automatically recognized by cameras located at the entrance and exit points of the site and compared with the records in the database.

In this way, it is possible to detect unauthorized vehicles or searched vehicles. It also helps to implement security measures by tracking vehicle movements inside the site.

The license plate recognition system can facilitate the parking lot management of the site. Thanks to the cameras at the entrances and exits of the parking lot, the license plates are automatically recognized and the parking fee can be calculated.

Thus, the movements of the vehicles in the parking lot can be followed without the need to enter license plate information or ticketing manually.

Guest and staff tracking: The license plate recognition system facilitates the tracking of guests and staff who enter the site. Cameras at entry points recognize license plates and can automatically associate guest or staff IDs. 

Thus, it is possible to track which vehicle carries which guest or personnel and to generate entry and exit reports to the site.

License Plate Recognition System (PTS) Highway Version

  • 98% Success Rate
  • Led Display Integration
  • Door authorization (paid, free, subscriber entries can be separated.)
  • Channel support for up to 8 cameras on 1 computer
  • UHF and Mifare reader integration
  • Manual, standard and subscriber transitions can be reported separately.
  • high resolution
  • Different tariffs
  • Suitable for shift system

License Plate Recognition System (PTS) Paid Parking Version

  • %98 Success rate
  • Desktop and web interface support
  • Alarm at multiple passes of the same vehicle
  • black list
  • whitelist
  • Audible and visual warning
  • Sending e-mail and SMS in case of alarm

Plate Recognition System (PTS) Scale Version

  • 98% Success Rate
  • It can be integrated with the indicator.
  • It can take snapshot (snapshot from another camera with plate camera).
  • Weighing scale and plate information can be matched.
  • It has sensor integration.
  • It has traffic light integration.
  • It has printer integration.