Our 6 power IR LED Spot product is used for night lighting purposes in license plate recognition systems. In this way, the phosphor on the plate shines and allows the license plate to be seen more clearly. In CCTV systems, it provides a better view at night by illuminating the area in the camera’s viewpoint, and the objects and events in the field of view are provided to be seen clearly.

It is designed using long-lasting LED technology. It has IP 67 protection class and provides trouble-free installation and safe use thanks to its adjustable feet. Optionally, 30°, 60°, 90° lens angles and LDR production can be provided.

Number of LEDs6 Pieces
Lens Angle45 (ops. 30,60,90)
Lighting Frequency850Nm
Protection ClassIp67
Working Life10 years
Lighting Distance80-100m
Energy consumption12W

Why Need a 6 Power IR LED Spot Lighting Solution?

6 power IR LED spotlights , night lighting is of great importance to improve the performance of license plate recognition systems and obtain clearer images at night or in low light conditions. For this reason, night lighting is an indispensable component of license plate recognition systems, which is used to shine the phosphor on the license plate and to ensure that the license plate is seen more clearly.

Night lighting provides a better view at night by illuminating the area in the field of view of the cameras used in CCTV systems. The phosphor on the plate glows with night illumination, helping cameras to capture the plate more clearly and legibly. This helps license plate recognition systems produce accurate results and increases efficiency in the effective implementation of security measures.

Also, with the use of night lighting, other objects and events in the viewpoint can be seen more clearly. The field is better illuminated at night, improving image quality. This helps security cameras work more effectively and clearly detect incidents at critical moments.

Night lighting of license plate recognition systems also provides energy efficiency. Working with low energy consumption, LED lighting systems save energy in long-term use and reduce operating costs.

High Performance IR Illumination Power

6 Power IR Led Spots offer high quality infrared illumination. Thanks to the powerful IR LEDs, it is possible to obtain clear and detailed images at night or in low-light environments. This improves image quality in security and surveillance applications.

Wide Illumination Angle / Radiation Area

6 Power IR Led Spot illuminates a large area with infrared light. Thanks to its high output power, it provides effective lighting up to long distances. This allows the cameras to focus on a wider area and capture more detail.

Our 6 Power IR Leds Have Durable Design

Our product is made of durable and robust materials. It is weather resistant and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. In addition, it has an optimized structure for long-lasting use.

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