It is used to manage the pricing of private parking spaces. It provides cost advantage and convenience as it will eliminate the need for a mechanical system, and it also increases security since the entry picture of each vehicle that will enter will be recorded. Thus, it reduces the operating cost.

With plate recognition from subscribers, non-subscribers can enter with card systems, and a ticket machine produced by our company can be used for this. It is an easy to use solution.

It includes all kinds of pricing definitions that will be needed. With its web-based infrastructure, cash reports and operator instant cash situations can be easily followed. 

All transactions such as vehicle registrations and reporting are web-based; can be done with a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Vehicle information and warnings can be displayed on the LED screen. With integration with hardware such as card reader and UHF antenna, turnstile pass-based pricing can also be managed. 

  • Ability to read license plates from side angles
  • Blacklist can be defined
  • Low PC performance usage
  • 100% Turkish interface
  • 100% Native software
  • Ability to work with all kinds of RTSP cameras
  • Easy creation of different scenarios with web script infrastructure
  • Multiple reading points can be managed with a single database
  • The information of each passing vehicle (subscriber, remaining subscription time…) is displayed on the screen.
  • With the Loop integration, automatic entry of vehicles can be achieved. Even if the license plate is unreadable, a picture of the vehicle will be taken, the warning screen will be displayed and the operator will be able to make an identification for the vehicle.
  • With the Loop integration, registered vehicles pass directly, after the unregistered vehicle is queried, it can be registered by means of approval methods such as “control” or “button”, and vehicle passage can be ensured.
  • The desired information can be displayed on the LED screen in the desired format and can be easily identified. Vehicle price information, number of remaining days of subscription…
  • When the parking lot is full, the desired information can be displayed on the led screen. With the traffic light, the passage can be managed.
  • By integrating with the ticket machine; It can be ensured that subscribers can enter with license plate recognition, and non-subscribers by getting a card with a card machine.
  • It is possible to manage the entrance of subscriber vehicles with RFID card, UHF Tag.
  • Points where subscribed vehicles, unregistered vehicles or registered vehicles can pass can be defined separately.
  • Groups can be defined for subscribers and access permissions can be defined for groups.
  • With the API, transactions such as learning vehicle fee, receiving payment, adding subscription can be easily added for different applications with JSON.
  • Cashier report can be received by the operators starting and finishing the task.
  • A special message can be defined for a desired vehicle on the LED Display.
  • Front and rear license plate reading for truck entrances can be done easily with loop integration. We provide the most successful truck entry-exit management in Turkey with our own equipment.
  • Subscriptions can be easily managed with the web interface.
  • Detailed pricing is available.
  • Cash register report can be obtained for each operator.
  • Cash earnings report between the date range can be received, earnings reports can be obtained separately for each operator.
  • The tools inside can be listed and managed.
  • Parking limit can be defined. Entries can be automatically stopped when the parking lot reaches the limit.
  • Vehicles without a fee may exit automatically.
  • If the license plate of the entering vehicle cannot be read when the entrance is provided with the loop, the vehicle entry information can be shown to the operator and the vehicle can be identified with the control of the operator.
  • With Square Barcode, paid people entrance can be managed and turnstile management can be done.
  • With the Loop integration, registered vehicles pass directly, after the unregistered vehicle is queried, it is registered with approval methods such as “control” or “button”, and vehicle passage is ensured. Thus, guest vehicles are easily registered.
  • The desired information can be displayed on the LED screen in the desired format, and different formats can be defined easily.
  • When the parking lot is full, the traffic light can indicate occupancy.
  • With the loop integration, plate reading can be performed only when the vehicle is on the loop.
  • In the web-based application, usage permissions can be defined in detail, which operations can be performed by the application users.
  • Manual toggle gesture can be added.
  • Annotation can be edited-added for transitioning vehicles.
  • Desired Led Display Message can be defined for the period defined for each vehicle.
  • Vehicle owner information can be easily queried.

Usage areas

  • mall
  • Airport
  • bus stations
  • Marinas and Private Parking Lots
  • Hotels
  • Museum, nature park areas where people need entrance management
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