It works integrated with VideoKernel license plate recognition software. At the same time, while the license plate recognition system is controlling the barrier; Access control of any number of doors can be done with the card system.

Door and time authorization can be made. All transactions such as card records, reporting are web-based; can be done with a computer, tablet or mobile phone. With the camera integration, the images of the people who log in when the card is read can be recorded.

Messages to be displayed on the screen can be easily changed and custom defined. All access information (device ID, Transit time, via point…) can be reported. Special working scenarios can be defined with the web script language. Special solutions can be produced for different projects.

  • Working with Mifare Card
  • Optional Bluetooth
  • 1 Piece NC-NO-COM Relay (10A)
  • Menu Management with Password
  • Optional RS232
  • ARM processor
  • Settings such as trigger time, password, date-time can be changed from the menu.
  • Audible alert with buzzer
  • 12V-24 DC voltage operating range
  • 1 is input
  • RJ45 input
  • Scan program easy search and change IP Address, Netmask, Gateway, Port number settings easy
  • There will be 2×16 screens, On-screen login confirmations, notifications can be managed through the server
  • Settings can be changed with 3 buttons
  • Easy integration with communication protocol
  • 100% Domestic Production
  • Buildings
  • sites
  • Hospital
  • Hotels
  • Integration for different solutions that require turnstile management