Remote Garden Irrigation System with Mobile Phone It provides control of water wells or pumps by mobile phone, especially in agricultural areas.

The operating time can be easily adjusted with a mobile phone, the status of the pump can be followed by SMS messages, the device notifies the power cuts and continues the set operating time when the power comes on. The working time can be set for the desired hour or minute.

Thanks to its digital input, notification can be received (For example, information about the door opened with magnetic contact, thermal failure information, etc.). Status report can be obtained by calling the device phone number attached to the device. Instant information can be received via sms in alarm situations or report requests (power failure, power supply, thermal failure, door opened information, open/closed relay information, programmed, relay information and remaining time).

Thanks to the microphone on it, the environment in which it works can be listened to with a mobile phone, and you can listen to the sound that the pump is working. Notification messages can be edited and notifications can be made in different languages. The device can be programmed with macros.


  • 3 Relays
  • ARM processor
  • 10 Admin number registration
  • Many parameters such as trigger time, password can be adjusted via SMS.
  • Contacts can be added or removed easily via SMS.
  • 12V-24 DC voltage operating range
  • 3 inputs – macro manageable, programmable
  • 1 pcs – 3Meter Antenna
  • 1 Piece Battery
  • Relays and inputs are programmable with macros
  • The number of relays can be increased with an additional card
  • Ambient sound can be heard
  • The time can be adjusted, in case of power failure, the pump is automatically stopped and when the electricity comes back, it can continue from where it left off.
  • Status report can be obtained by calling the device phone number attached to the device.
  • Thanks to its digital input, notification can be received (For example; lid opened information, thermal failure, etc.)
  • When the electricity comes on, the pump is not activated immediately, it protects the pump.
  • Saves water and electricity
  • 100% Domestic Production
  • Usage areas
  • agricultural pumps
  • wells
  • All kinds of industrial areas where remote on-off will be made
  • In timed irrigation areas

Remote Garden Irrigation System with Mobile Phone

With the Remote Garden Irrigation System with a Mobile Phone Developed by Neuron Technology, You Can Remotely Control All the Irrigation Processes of Your Garden with Automation

As Neuron Teknoloji, we offer an innovative product with which you can easily manage your garden’s irrigation needs: Irrigation Control System with Mobile Phone.

This product is designed to make the agricultural irrigation process more efficient and allow you to remotely control your garden irrigation.

You no longer have to stand by to water your gardens; With a smart irrigation solution that you can control with your mobile phone, you can facilitate the maintenance of your garden and save manpower and time.

Thanks to the advanced GSM remote control technology, you can effectively manage the garden irrigation system by sending an SMS via your mobile phone.

Simply use your mobile phone with a simple touch to start or stop the system, set the irrigation schedule or determine the irrigation areas.

In this way, you can easily edit the irrigation program of your garden at any time and customize it according to your needs.

The Automatic Irrigation System with Mobile Phone has advanced features for effective and precise irrigation. You can adjust the irrigation yourself according to the weather conditions and the water needs of the soil, or you can set it to work automatically at certain periods. One of the biggest advantages of this system is that it saves water.

Another great advantage of the Mobile Irrigation Control System is that it offers remote control.

Even when you’re at work or traveling, you can water your garden via your mobile phone.

Thanks to our GSM remote control module, you can control your irrigation system from anywhere you want and change your irrigation program instantly. Also, only one sim card on the system is sufficient. There is no need for a mobile phone to be on the system.

The Mobile Irrigation System also stands out with its easy installation and usage advantage.

You don’t need complicated technical knowledge or professional help to set up the system. By following the simple steps, you can install the system in a short time and start watering your garden. With its compact and durable design, the irrigation system is resistant to external factors and provides long-lasting use.

The Mobile Irrigation System is an ideal solution for farmers, gardeners and greenhouse growers. While the system makes the agricultural irrigation process more efficient and easier, it saves water and increases the yield of your garden.

In addition, thanks to the remote access feature, you can always keep your garden’s irrigation needs under control.

Neuron Teknoloji’s Mobile Irrigation System simplifies garden irrigation management from start to finish with its user-friendly interface, advanced electronic automation features and programmable features that are open to development.

This system, designed with superior technology, provides many advantages for you and can be developed for your garden’s special irrigation automation needs.

With the Remote Garden Irrigation System via Mobile Phone, it is now much easier and more practical to manage the irrigation process of your garden. With this innovative solution, you can meet the needs of the plants in your garden, preserve their natural beauty and use water resources more efficiently.

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