It is used to provide vehicle detection in Parking Systems and Barrier systems. A magnetic field is created in the antenna area laid on the ground.

It measures the density of metal objects passing over or on a magnetic field. Relay or relays on the device can be activated at the values ​​in the desired range.

Optionally, by connecting with RS232 and RS485, data can be received and the relays on it can be commanded.

The device can count the vehicles it detects on itself. The counting information performed can be viewed on the screen.

Loop Detector 2 Channel
Loop entry:2 Channels
Relay:4 pcs
Input:2 pieces
Button:3 pieces
Screen:2×8 screen

Kullanım Alanları:

  • Araç sayımı
  • Otopark sistemleri
  • Bariyer sistemleri

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