* Failed to Initialize Properly -Close Warning,

Vcredist files are missing

  • Cameras -ping available-web interface display -IPinterface connected-Videokernel no display

Open IPinterface-IP settings-monitoring, check image, otherwise it will not connect, configure web resolution or IPinterface resolutions.

  • Error 2

The error 2 message that occurs when IPinterface is running is caused by the codec software working to process the camera images on your computer, identifying and deleting a virus by your microsoft defender or anti virus program.


These settings should be made by authorized personnel who installed your system.

Neuron Teknoloji cannot be held responsible for problems that may arise otherwise.

To fix the problem, do the following:

Turn off Videokernel License Plate Recognition.

Right-click the C:\Program Files (x86)\NORON\VIDEOKERNEL\TOOLS\DrasticVer35\DTCodecs.inf (type= setup information) file and select install (install) from the pop-up menu.

Restart the Videokernel License Plate reading system.

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